• Desert Station

    Maya & Photoshop

    Photo Elements & Adjustments

    Final touches

    Texture, Atmosphere, & Lighting Pass

    Time to move on to the painting part of matte painting

    Campsite Models

    Surviving the desert in style

    Gas Pump Models

    I've always been interested in everyday buildings in ultra remote locations

    Texture Layouts

    Some of the flattened textures I used in this scene

  • Bandit King Project

    Zbrush & Maya

    5th Pass Detail - Upper Body

    A no nonsense brigand that thrives upon conflict- that's the look I envisioned for my first Zbrush project. Grim and confident, this scourge of merchant caravans strides into battle in little to no armor.

    5th Pass Detail - Midsection

    I wanted to the Bandit King to be somewhat concerned with vanity. A satin sash worn in color coordination with a bloodstained, skull cracking short staff embodies that nicely.

    5th Pass Detail - Legs

    Sculpting solid legs and sleek armoring for the Bandit King to cross rooftops silently made a lot of sense.

    3rd Pass Clothing Detail - Upper Body

    I positioned the Bandit King with an open stance, ready to take on any challenge, or slip into shadows at a moment's notice.

    3rd Pass Clothing Detail - Full Body

    The vagabond cuts a solid and imposing figure.

    3rd Pass Clothing Detail - Lower Body

    Sinew shows through in the Bandit's limbs, a sign of rousing and regular hands on work.

    1st Pass Detail - Face and Chest

    Under the clothing, a wirey, somewhat dehydrated physique.

    1st Pass Detail - Back and Arms

    Back and shoulder muscles are extremely interesting, considering all the different functions and movements they're involved in.

    1st Pass Detail - Full Body

    One step above the very beginning.

    Base Geometry - Maya

    Where it all began. A basic scaffold-like mesh created in Maya.

  • Baba Yaga Project


    Baba Yaga - From The Pages Of Hellboy

    Mike Mignola's Hellboy is an outstanding creation. It could easily have been a basic supernatural action story. Instead we got a story of loss, the search for identity, and the feeling of being dwarfed by the scale of the world.

    Working Towards Hellboy's Signature Style in 3D

    Mignola's style was so simple in a lot of ways, but never crude.

    Carving Sharp Angles & Stylized Features

    Hard shadows, angles, and stylized features all came together magically.

    Scene Layout & Initial Shaping

    Blocking out basic shapes as a starting point was the best way to start off this project in a way that could be finished without getting lost in detail.

  • Sam & Key Project


    Key was originally part of my 2D animation efforts.

    I decided to bring her into 3D as my 2nd Maya project.

    I gave her a very particular sort of style when it came to clothes.

    Sam is Key's partner, often dragged into untold troubles.

    A rotund, anthropomorphic rat with an interest in formal clothing.

    Sam tries to be prepared, though his pouch is mostly useless.


  • Adrift Not Alone


    Adrift Not Alone - Digital Painting

    I was commissioned to take on quite the new challenge... a digital painting to be printed out at 40x30'' and displayed upon a wall. Through a whirlpool of reference images, photo elements, painting, and recomposing, I arrived at a final render that I was happy with.

    Early Concept Sketches

    While plenty of work was put in to reach a final product, the process all started with quick concept sketches meant to capture a sense of a despair found when humanity faces off against the unknowable nature of the open waters.

  • Radio Drifter Project


    Outlaw Flight

    Radio Drifter is a sci-fi world where gravity is imposed upon people residing on an interstellar colony world.

    Rooftop Rulers

    Outlaws and vagabonds evade colonial forces and the citywide gravity nets through use of drift gear.

    Alleyway Commerce

    Generations have grown upon the foundations of the colony cities, resulting in a bustling culture.

    The Wilderness

    Outside of the cities, the outlaws fly free, despite the best efforts of the colonial forces.

    Initial Concept Sketches

    Building a world required a bit of planning, which is embodied in these concept sketches.

  • Gun Butcher Project


    Gun Butcher of the Wastes

    A twisted heap of muscle, bone, blood, and gunmetal, the Gun Butcher terrorizes the wastes.

    Beastly Butchers

    Concept work involved a lot of iteration, from silhouettes on up.

    Horned Horrors

    Different base silhouettes were interpreted over and again.

    Rotund Ravagers

    All to draw out as much creative substance around the base concept of a Gun Butcher as possible.

    Stoic Slaughterers

    This set spoke to my sensibilities a lot, but didn't really fit the idea of unbridled fury.

    Initial Silhouettes

    Fast paced concept creation was well served by this really simple silhouette work.